About the Company


M-D-J, spol. s r.o. - The Control Systems Center was founded in 1993.

We deal with the deployment of the latest methods and technologies in the field of cybernetics, automation, artificial intelligence, informatics and communication technologies in individual branches of industry.

The application domain of the company is the supply of large, medium and small technological units in the field of control, classical as well as sophisticated industrial complexes, creation and supply of software and hardware units, measurement, automation technology and direct and remote control and monitoring of technological and robotic workplaces. Remote control and monitoring is realized through the most modern local and Internet applications with a high level of reliability.

The company's endeavor is to cover a comprehensive range of services in the field of professional control, visualisation and information systems from their design phase, through the implementation, to the creation of project documentation and the training of service personnel. For foreign investors, the project documentation is processed in multiple languages.

The completeness of our services includes warranty and post-warranty service. We have developed cooperation with many foreign and local companies, with whom we closely cooperate not only in the creation and deployment of automated systems, but also in their constant optimization and improvement.

The company's workforce consists of experts in the fields of automation, robotics, measurement and control technology, informatics and artificial intelligence. Our employees are constantly trained and certified to implement the latest control and information technologies, while we closely cooperate with academic and scientific institutions during development.

Our company provides proven, state-of-the-art and reasonably priced services and products.
We offer our experience and knowledge even in areas where others hesitate or do not dare.



We join research and development with more than 30 years of experience in automation, artificial intelligence, robotics and cybernetics.

Electrical Design Activities, Implementation of HV, LV and MC

For the needs of the construction of technological units we offer electrical design work, production of electrical switchboards for control and management systems of the production process. The standard part of the delivery are electrical documentation, assembly, wiring, recovery and testing of electrical switchboards and electrical equipment, delivery of customized switchboard solutions and inspection of electrical equipment.

Design and implementation of sophisticated control algorithms

We have the know-how in the design and delivery of sophisticated and sophisticated control algorithms for complex technological processes using artificial intelligence (neural networks, fuzzy logic, expert systems, neuro-fuzzy systems, genetic algorithms, etc.) based on the latest theories of cyber-physical systems. We deliver integrated complex control systems, process visualization, process variable collection and historization, production automation and manufacturing information systems. Delivery includes specification, design, programming, implementation, testing and commissioning of control systems and industrial information systems.

Robotic workplaces

We supply integrated hardware and software modules for robotic workstations (cells), including robotic 3D vision. The hardware module consists of the design, supply, installation and commissioning of robotic workstations and 3D vision systems mainly from manufacturers KUKA, Fanuc, Stäubli, ABB, Omron, Mitsubishi, UR and others. The software module consists of the design, programming, implementation, testing and commissioning of application software for manipulators and mobile robots with robotic 3D vision.

2D and 3D camera systems - computer and robotic vision

We supply and customize 2D and 3D camera systems for quality control of the production process, but also as a fully integrated solution for robotic workplaces with all subsystems for depalletization of objects in 3D space (subsystem for preparation and creation of a model of the real object, subsystem for searching and determining the location of the gripping point, along with a subsystem for gripping and subsequent storage of the object) - 3D robotic vision. We also supply 2D and 3D monitoring and inspection systems for the energy industry (combustion quality in the combustion chambers of boilers burning natural gas, mixed gases, coal, hydrogen, municipal waste).


We develop electronic and electrical prototypes and implement them successfully in practice in standard but also in highly demanding environmental conditions, including space conditions, according to the most demanding procedures (processes) in the sense of ECSS (European Cooperation For Space Standardization) norms and standards.

Supply and implementation of MES level information systems

We supply and implement production-oriented information system VOIS for MES level of information and control systems of enterprises. VOIS consists of three basic modules: (1) automatic production planning and scheduling module, (2) warehouse management module, and (3) TPM maintenance module., integrating specialized and autonomous maintenance, the recording of preventive and corrective maintenance activities, abnormalities and maintenance reports. They are  scheduled together with downtime planning, the recording of maintenance department and autonomous maintenance performances and reporting.

Analysis and design of information and control system architectures

Analysis, design and delivery of technically and cost-optimal information and control system architectures for small, medium and large-scale enterprises based on Industry 4.0.

Optimisation and computerisation of production processes

Using our products MORES (Multifunctional Optimization Energy Control System) and ECOGI (Ecological Optimal Energy Generator), developed on the basis of 30 years of experience, we analyze, design and implement the optimal setup of production processes through pragmatic approaches, mathematical analyses and simulation models with links to artificial intelligence tools (neural networks, fuzzy logic, expert systems, neuro-fuzzy systems, genetic algorithms, etc.).

Design and supply of communication software and hardware modules

We design and supply communication software and hardware products for various computer networks and communication interfaces based on standard communication protocols and multi-agent network control system protocols.


In addition to standard training of service personnel, we also provide training focused on configuration and programming of control systems, visualization systems, communication systems, servo drives and frequency converters, and training of SQL and NoSQL database systems.


Company Vision

The long-term goal of M-D-J, spol. s r.o. is to continue operating on the market as a stable and prosperous company. Our intention is to become a leader in the field of information and  control systems in the market of artificial intelligence, automation, robotics and cybernetics and thus become the first choice of the customer. Our goal is also to bring the latest knowledge from research and development into practice.

Our goal is to bring the latest knowledge from research and development into practice.

Company values


We believe there is still room for improvement in our products and services. For us, this fact represents a commitment to provide more efficient and comprehensive solutions. New innovative and effective solutions enable our customers to improve their productivity and competitiveness in technologically demanding markets.


We are fully responsible towards our customers and their business activities, in which we are involved as a supplier. We believe in mutual cooperation and the creation of long-term partnership relations.


We are convinced that a stable partner who can listen and understand the customer's defined requirements and who knows the problem can bring new solutions. Solutions that are built on mutual understanding and knowledge of the customer's needs.



In order to reduce the energy demand of production and operating premises, the company M-D-J spol. s r. o. thanks to financial support, it built operating premises and a research center on Rampova Street in Košice.





Ing. Ján Liguš, PhD.

Ing. Jana Ligušová, PhD.

Company Director, Holder of Procuration
Ing. Martin Pokorný, MBA

Holder of Procuration, head of the Camera Systems and Robotics Department, Project Manager
Ing. Zdenko Hušek

Head of the Electrical Assembly Department, Project Manager
Ing. Roman Vinca

Head of the Electrotechnical Projection Department
Ing. Peter Burinský

Head of the IT department, Project Manager
 Ing. Kvetoslav Molitoris

Head of the Sales and Trade Department, Sales Manager
Ing. Peter Uličný

Head of the Control Systems and PLC Department, Project Manager
Ing. Patrik Paugsch

Head of the Mechanical Design Department
Ing. Alexander Voroňko, PhD.

Head of the Maintenance Department 
Ing. Dávid Krehel

Head of the Economics, Accounting and Purchasing Department
Eva Jergová

Project Manager
Ing. Karol Križalkovič

Project Manager
Ing. Dušan Zis

Project Manager
Ing. Milan Machciník

Project Manager
Ing. Michal Semanko