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  Od roku 1993 spájame výskum a vývoj s praxou na trhu automatizácie, umelej inteligencie, robotiky a kybernetiky  


Za 27 rokov sme zrealizovali množstvo úspešných projektov.


Spájame výskum a vývoj s praxou viac než 27 rokov na trhu automatizácie, umelej inteligencie, robotiky a kybernetiky.

Design activity, realization of HV, LV, electrical, MaR and SKR turnkey constructions

For needs of the construction of technological units we offer electrical design work, production of electrical switchboards for control and management systems of the production process. The standard part of the delivery are electrical documentation, assembly, wiring, recovery and testing of electrical switchboards and electrical equipment, delivery of customized switchboard solutions and inspection of electrical equipment.

Design, implementation and debugging of sophisticated control algorithms

We have the know-how in the design and delivery of sophisticated and sophisticated control algorithms for complex technological processes using artificial intelligence (neural networks, fuzzy logic, expert systems, neuro-fuzzy systems, genetic algorithms, etc.) based on the latest theories of cyber-physical systems. We deliver integrated complex control systems, process visualization, process variable collection and historization, production automation and manufacturing information systems. Delivery includes specification, design, programming, implementation, testing and commissioning of control systems and industrial information systems.

Robotic workplaces

We supply integrated hardware and software modules for robotic workstations (cells), including robotic 3D vision. The hardware module consists of the design, supply, installation and commissioning of robotic workstations and 3D vision systems mainly from manufacturers KUKA, Fanuc, Stäubli, ABB, Omron, Mitsubishi, UR and others. The software module consists of the design, programming, implementation, testing and commissioning of application software for manipulators and mobile robots with robotic 3D vision.

2D and 3D camera systems - computer and robotic vision

We supply and customize 2D and 3D camera systems for quality control of the production process, but also as a fully integrated solution for robotic workplaces with all subsystems for depalletization of objects in 3D space (subsystem for preparation and creation of a model of the real object, subsystem for searching and determining the location of the gripping point, along with a subsystem for gripping and subsequent storage of the object) - 3D robotic vision. We also supply 2D and 3D monitoring and inspection systems for the energy industry (combustion quality in the combustion chambers of boilers burning natural gas, mixed gases, coal, hydrogen, municipal waste).


We develop electronic and electrical prototypes and implement them successfully in practice in standard but also in highly demanding environmental conditions, including space conditions, according to the most demanding procedures (processes) in the sense of ECSS (European Cooperation For Space Standardization) norms and standards.

Delivery and implementation of MES level information systems

We supply and implement production-oriented information system VOIS for MES level of information and management systems of enterprises. VOIS consists of three basic modules: (1) automatic production planning and scheduling module, (2) warehouse management module, and (3) TPM maintenance module. , integrating dedicated and autonomous maintenance, the recording of preventive and corrective maintenance activities, abnormalities and maintenance reports, their scheduling together with downtime planning, the recording of maintenance department and autonomous maintenance performances and reporting.

Analysis and design of information and control system architectures

Analysis, design and delivery of technically and cost-optimal information and control system architectures for small, medium and large-scale enterprises based on Industry 4.0.

Optimisation and computerisation of production processes

Using our products MORES (Multifunctional Optimization Energy Control System) and ECOGI (Ecological Optimal Energy Generator), developed on the basis of 30 years of experience, we analyze, design and implement the optimal setup of production processes through pragmatic approaches, mathematical analyses and simulation models with links to artificial intelligence tools (neural networks, fuzzy logic, expert systems, neuro-fuzzy systems, genetic algorithms, etc.).

Design and supply of communication software and hardware modules

We design and supply communication software and hardware products for various computer networks and communication interfaces based on standard communication protocols and multi-agent network control system protocols.


In addition to standard training of service personnel, we also provide training focused on configuration and programming of control systems, visualization systems, communication systems, servo drives and frequency converters, and training of SQL and NoSQL database systems.


Teória bez praxe je sterilná a mŕtva, prax bez teórie je prázdna.


Ján Liguš, CEO


Od roku 1993, sme vyzbierali množstvo skúsenosti v rôznych oblastiach. Tieto znalosti využívame pri tvorbe produktov a realizácii služieb pre Vás.
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Od roku 1993 spájame výskum a vývoj s praxou na trhu automatizácie, umelej inteligencie, robotiky a kybernetiky.

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